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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Forbidding Certain Kinds of Fiction from your Students

Yeah, well, this semester, I was a little more open minded.  I only told them I would not accept: (1) romantic fantasies (they could write on lived romantic experiences,  (2) G.I. Joe stories (they could write on lived war experiences), (3) stories that end in the suicide of the main character.

I get far more romantic fantasies than G.I. Joe stories.  The romantic fantasies, so far, have only been written by women, and usually involve a house in Houston or Dallas. 

These fantasies read like one of the upper levels of hell in Dante's Inferno to me.

I've concluded that some in this college generation of women keep themselves motivated through the stresses of college by romantic fantasy.

Far be it  from me to crush their dreams.  I just don't want to read them as short stories. Despite all my talking, they write them without conflict.  Ha!

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