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Monday, November 15, 2010

Traditional formula genres again

I wanted to open up to the traditional genres of mystery and SF--to be more open minded myself--and aso because there are still pulp magazines out there to publish such short stories in. The may not last much longer.

Unfortunately, the stories I got were poor. The students wrote from TV models, and in spite of my warnings about GI Joe action figure flat characters and conventional plots--well, they gave me just what I warned them against.

So it's back to being Mr. Nasty.  I didn't allow Harlequin romance stories either, but of course I got a few.  Seems like in half the romance stories I get, the guy is called Josh.  I wish they'd call him Lance for the phallic humor involved, or, even better Lance-a-lot.

Maybe next semester I'll tell them they have to tell a story using a plot from Shakesepeare.

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