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Sunday, September 26, 2010

We work hard.

I've just spent most of Sunday grading papers for my three creative writing classes that meet for a little under five hours on Monday.

I wanted to go to the KEOS public radio volunteer jam featuring Ray Wylie Hubbard tonight, but no, I had to read a huge batch of papers handed to me on Friday and read a bunch of short stories from the 2009 O'Henry Prize Stories.

I know I am lucky to have a job. I know I am lucky to have a job that I enjoy. My students generally write well, work hard, and have perceptive things to say.

But don't let anyone kid you. It's hard work being a teacher.

Don't let anyone tell you we get long summer vacations either. Those are periods when we are off salary, unemployed. My political science teacher sold suits in the summer. A creative writing teacher I know works in a dime store in southern Colorado. Another has worked as a driver for a slightly inebriated plumber.

A lot of folks go into administration to get a twelve month salary.

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