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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creative Writing Classes Should be Large!

You teach creative writing, or you have taken creative writing. 

How many students did you see in the introductory class?

I think the junior colleges in our area have smaller classes that my university. Many of the junior colleges have an office for creative writing, at least part time staff help, and produce a journal of student writings. We don't have any of that, nor are we likely to in the near future, with the economy suffering.

My intro creative writing classes have on average, except for a few years, 25/26 students.

What is the size of the class you teach, or you took?

What's the effect on learning with a class size of 25? When I took creative writing, we had 15 students. At all the other universities I have taught at--and it is many--classes were set with an enrollment at 15.

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