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Monday, August 23, 2010

I recall teaching with no syllabus

Yeah, I used to teach without a syllabus. Every day was an adventure, a jazz improvisation.

Now the enlightened state of Texas requires the syllabus posted on the web a couple of weeks before class starts, at this time.  Maybe even earlier next time.

We won't be passing out hard copies anymore in class. We'll just call the thing up on the big screen, spend a day going through it, and have them sign a statement they have now read and understood the syllabus (the latter not required by the state).

Maybe you can change a test or other due date, if you move it forwards so they have more time, but you're really not supposed to change anything once it's up on the web.

My syllabus now reads a bit like a credit card application. It's a contract.  Any guesses how many will drop after the first day?

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