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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writers Can't Write Titles

Writers can't write good titles for their work because they are too close to it, that's what I suggest to my students. Of course, for every rule there are exceptions, yet if you have a person who critiques your work, ask them to suggest some alterternate titles--titles for a long work, a poem, or a short story, screenplay, whatever.

They just might come up with a better title. 

It's always worked for me.  You can do this as part of a peer review in class.

Titles are like "an approach" on a house or building--the first thing seen, the first impression. Titles need attention.  The first goal of a title is to grab the reader's attention. They are almost a form of advertisting.

My titles for the posts have gotten a little better, and I'm getting more responses.  Thanks to everyone, and please disagree with me.  Let's help each other out.

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